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  • [S2502] Billion Graves: Paul Victor Anderson
  • [S2504] Billion Graves: Stanley Grenfell Hutchins
  • [S2505] Billion Graves: Joseph Albert Hutchins
  • [S2506] The Age
  • [S2507] The Wangaratta Chronicle
  • [S2511] Parish Register, Scotland Lasswade
  • [S2512] Parish Register, Scotland Aboyne
  • [S2513] Parish Register, Scotland Birse
  • [S2514], brjobu, Bunkerfamilytree
  • [S2516], iainmcd2, McDougall Family Tree
  • [S2517], Kwest4us, Leonarder Family Tree
  • [S2522], John O'Leary, o'leary tree
  • [S2523], danwilliams170, Family Tree
  • [S2527], Darren Pentecost, Pentecost Family Tree
  • [S2529], Jarred Rorke, Crosthwaite Family Tree
  • [S2531], 512jan, Pritchard Famiy Tree
  • [S2532] WA Death Index
  • [S2533] WA Birth Index
  • [S2534] My Heritage, Kevin George, K George Web Site
  • [S2535], vsmith256, Tilse Family Tree
  • [S2536], Ken Melchert, Melchert
  • [S2537] Sylvia Conaghan, The Utopia
  • [S2539] Billion Graves